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Mountain Area


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At 80 km from Sibiu, in the Făgăraş Mountains, lies one of the most magnificent mountain areas in the Romania Carpathians, the Bâlea-Capra area.

And it is not just the area itself that is gorgeous, but also the road taking you there. Access is possible via the Transfăgărăşan road through a breathtakingly majestic landscape.

Surrounded by lofty mountain peaks going well above 2400 m, the Bâlea area is perfect as a start-up point for various mountain trails in the Făgăraş Mountains. From here you can get to the summits of Moldoveanu (the highest mountain summit in Romania - 2544 m), Negoiu (2535 m), Vânătoarea lui Buteanu (2a507 m) and many others. However, mountaineering lovers should be careful - proper equipment is mandatory, as the climate and the trail difficulty are always deceiving!

This area also hosts the Bâlea Lake Alpine Tundra - a nature reserve and an exceptional site due to the diversity of its flora and fauna. Therefore, do not set out for your journey without mountain equipment and a photo camera! In June, the green of the mountain pines, the purple Rhododendron kotschyi carpet and the spots of snow will become subjects of divine postcards. Don’t forget your cameras when you go on hikes either, for the splendor of the scenery might be completed by the sight of chamois, Carpathian stags, marmots, foxes, goshawks, eagles or even mother bears with cubs.

The Bâlea area is crossed by the Bâlea River which forms a picturesque waterfall. In winter, due to the thick layer of snow, you may only get from Bâlea Waterfall (1234 m of altitude) to Bâlea Lake (2034 m of altitude) by cable car - the journey will most certainly be one to remember!

For those looking for fun and recreational activities, the area provides several options. In summer, the offer is diverse: mountain hikes, climbing, biking, paragliding, fishing, hunting, bungee-jumping, adventure park. In winter, on the other hand, Bâlea is the ideal place for lovers of extreme skiing, heli-skiing, snowboarding or mountain climbing.

A uniquely local attraction is the famous ice hotel and ice church built each year on the Bâlea Lake. On the same location they also organize an open-air skating ring and a show park. Do not worry about accommodation - the chalets nearby have enough rooms for everybody.

Other prices:

The Bâlea Waterfall - Bâlea Lake Cable Car prices

                  Route                Rate, lei/pers.            
Going up Bâlea Waterfall - Bâlea Lake            30
Going down Bâlea Lake  - Bâlea Waterfall 30
Going up (children undre 12) Bâlea Waterfall - Bâlea Lake 15
Going down (children undre 12)       Bâlea Lake  - Bâlea Waterfall 15
Hand luggage Big luggage 10
Hand luggage Small luggage 5

The length of the cable-car route is 3700 m. It operates daily between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. Minimum number of passengers - 10.

Useful information

Bâlea Lake Salvamont Service: +4 0269 216 477, +4 0732 140 144

Sibiu Meteo Regional Service: +4 0269 235 145

Did you know...?

The snow layer at Bâlea lasts for 200 days per year and its maximum registered depth is of 4 m.

The Făgăraş Mountains are also called the Transylvanian Alps because they are the largest mountains in Romania - 70 km long, 40 km wide and 3000 km2 in surface.

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