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If you ask any local from Răşinari how old is their village, he will certainly answer that it has been around “ever since the world began”. Indeed, documents certify Răşinari as one of the oldest villages of Mărginimea Sibiului, its name having been mentioned as early as 1204.

One of the main occupations of the people from Răşinari has always been the raising of animals. Centuries ago, shepherds from Răşinari led their transhumance flocks all the way to the Caucasus or to Serbia.

The mountain peaks surrounding the village are still scattered with sheepfolds, hay meadows and pastures. The people of Răşinari were and will always be good craftsmen. They dealt with wood processing, they made sheepskin coats, and they processed furs and textiles. Today, these crafts are taken further by the local craftsmen. At the end of the 19th century, when the guilds were dissolved, in Răşinari they started developing manufactures. The carriages built at the “carriage factory” from Răşinari were sold as far as Greece.

To get to know the village better take a walk through the narrow streets, discover old traditional houses, get to know the people and their customs. You will discover the local museum, the houses where Octavian Goga and Emil Cioran grew up, old churches and new churches, craftsmen houses and wooded hills loaded with legends.

Thanks to its geographic position at the mountain foothills, Răşinari is a good starting point for many hikes. Regardless of the chosen trail, the landscape is marvellous, paths make their way through hay meadows, among huts and fresh icy cold streams.

Did you know...?

In 2012 Răşinari was named one of “Romania’s Most Beautiful Villages” and mentioned in the Official Guide of the Association with the same name.

The villagers used to collect resin from trees and boil it then sell the final product to paint producers. This is how the village got its name - Răşinari (resin people).

Altitudine: 571m.
Coordonate GPS: 45.70 N, 24.06 E

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