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The greenway of Hârtibaciu Valley

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The routs

Sibiu-Daia-Roşia-Vurpăr-Hosman-Fofeldea-Nocrich-Alţâna-Agnita, you can choose between

1. Agnita-Ruja-Stejărişu-Brădeni-Sighişoara

2. Agnita-Dealu Frumos-Merghindeal-Cincu-Bruiu-Şomartin- Nou Român-Săsăuş- Chirpăr-Marpod-Sibiu

Daia: visit the 13th century fortified church.

Roşia: the village of the Lutheran writer and minister Eginald Schlattner, author of the famous novel “The Beheaded Rooster” turned into a movie in 2007.

Hosman: visit the fortified church on the hill and the old mill; its yard hosts a forge, a bakery and a “cultural shed”.

Nocrich: the birth village of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, it stands out due to the church built at the beginning of the 19th century, in a late baroque style.

Alţâna: 13th century fortified church; the Gerendi House (14th century) hosts an operational weaving mill.

Agnita: small agri-industrial town well known in medieval times due to its guilds. Visit the fortress-church and the Ethnographic Museum of the Hârtibaciu Valley. In February each year Agnita celebrates “The Escape of the Lole  a two centuries old custom.

Dealu Frumos: former Romanesque basilica built in the 13th century. Dealu Frumos is the geographic centre of Romania.

Merghindeal: gothic fortified church with a baroque-style 18th century altar.

Bruiu: the streets with ancient homesteads left untouched by modern times and a church surrounded by defensive walls give this village an exquisite charm.

Săsăuş: orthodox church painted by the Grecu brothers; eco-museum village with a heritage interpretation circuit.

Chirpăr: visit the 15th century fortified church.

Live unique experiences

Ride the velo-draisine from Cornățel to Hosman
See how the horseshoue is made in Hosman
Transilvanian Brunch 

Activities for children

Vizit the ”School-Farm” of Cornățel village
Learn to bake  bread in Hosman


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