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Historic town


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Cisnădie is a Saxon small town at the foothills of the Cindrel Mountains that was set up eight centuries ago but whose quaint aspect has remained practically untouched. In the Middle Ages, Cisnădie or Heltau as Germans used to call it back then was famous for its sickles and scythes workshops and especially for its cloth-making workshops. This provoked the envy of even the most talented craftsmen from Sibiu who were always looking for new ways to oppress the people of Cisnădie.

In the 18th - 20th centuries these workshops were transformed in manufactures and factories so that in the communist era Cisnădie was a famous textile industry centre. The woollen carpets made here were sold in the entire world. Nowadays, the town is mostly a tourist destination attractive for the delightful landscapes and the joyfully coloured buildings.

When you get to Cisnădie, your attention will be drawn by the tower of the central fortified evangelical church. The Bell Tower, as the locals call it, was very innovative for the Middle Ages: the first clock tower in Transylvania and the first tower east of Vienna to have a lightning rod installed on it.

The ample church edifice built in a late gothic style on the foundation of a former Romanesque basilica in the 14th century still preserves valuable fortification and ornamental elements. It goes without saying that in so many centuries of history the church collected many interesting stories and legends which its guides will happily share with you.

To discover the rich textile tradition of Cisnădie, visit the museum exhibition „A History of the Textile Industry”. It exhibits flags of the drapers’ guild, manual wool processing tools, working instruments, a weaving loom, documents and various carpet models.

Cisnădie is the perfect place to set out for various biking routes in the surrounding mountain area.

Useful information

The town of Cisnădie is approximately 2 km away from the tourist village of Cisnădioara.

Altitudine: 448m.
Coordonate GPS: 45.71 N, 24.15 E

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