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Narrow little streets, old buildings, strong ramparts guarded by towers and slim bastions… the typical image of a medieval burgh. But Mediaş is not just any burgh; beyond its walls the town is a keeper of stories, legends and symbols and for the ones who dare to discover it, the experience will truly be unique.

In Mediaş history is carved in the town walls. The symbols surrounding your every step will guide you. Towers, bastions and ramparts speak of the burgh’s strategic importance in time. Imposing buildings with varied architectural styles speak of a well-off community and hardworking guildsmen famous throughout Transylvania. The Large Square witnessed executions, burnings at the stake but also military manifestations or visits from high dignitaries.

Secret symbols, high gates hiding mysterious yards, mural paintings, hidden sculptures, architectural details - they all speak of an enigmatic freemasons’ society. The town’s churches prove a strong belief, probably the only thing that helped the inhabitants in front of the enemy dangers. Mediaş is also proud of its diverse museums  and of the memorial houses of the great personalities in Sibiu’s history.

Besides all this, the beauty and uniqueness of the town is also given by the surrounding scenery. Located between the hills, the town is great for walks in nature by food or by bicycle and for discovering the fortified churches from the villages around it.

The fabulous landscape, the countless tourist attractions, the hospitality of the locals and the mysterious atmosphere will confirm that you made the best choice by coming to Mediaş and most likely you will understand better why we recommended you to make enough time once you get here.

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