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The Land of Saxon Settlements

Nine centuries ago, groups of Germanic peoples from Flandres, Luxembourg and the Moselle valley were arriving to the south of Transylvania. They were the so-called Saxons, colonised here by the Hungarian kings to defend the Transylvanian lands. In time, the region was also colonised with Székelys, Teutonic knights, gypsies (nomads from India) and Armenians.

The Saxons set up strong, well-organized settlements, cultivated the land, raised animals and developed crafts. But because their settlements were always in the conquerors’ way, the Saxons had to fortify their churches and build large gates, defence towers and walls, bastions and weapons storehouses.

These settlements of the Saxon colonists are located in the region bordered by the medieval towns of Sibiu, Sighişoara and Braşov. Wooded hills, narrow valleys, biodiversity, fortified church towers - a quaint landscape that seems to have come off a painting.

The lack of modern roads and the location of the villages among the hills create the impression of a 19th century world, a long-gone rural landscape. Nevertheless, these villages roam with life; even if after 1989 most of the Saxons emigrated west, the villages still keep their old days charm. And it is precisely this rural, idyllic image together with the delightful scenery that draw tourists to this region, year after year. One of the famous tourists enchanted by this region is Prince Charles of the United Kingdom, himself.

Let us not forget the culinary tradition of the area; locals still spend their time gardening and raising livestock. Housewives have inherited Saxon recipes made with a genuine feast of flavoured herbs.

If you are looking for a very special holiday and you wish to discover a rare landscape in our modernised European world, then you should try a visit to the villages from the Saxon region. You are guaranteed a unique experience!

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