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Valea Viilor- UNESCO site

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The settlement was first mentioned in the 13th century when the Saxons colonised the region. Along the centuries, Romanians, Saxons and Székelys have lived together in Valea Viilor, as proven by the various names given to the settlement in time: Wurmloch, in medieval German which could be translated by snake forest, Baromlaka, in Hungarian, translated by cattle dwelling. The name of Valea Viilor started being used the last century and it certifies the importance of this winegrowing settlement in the region of Târnava Mare.

The commune of Valea Viilor is one of the 6 settlements of the county of Sibiu which are part of the Regional Ecomuseum network. The Valea Viilor Ecomuseum includes five homesteads which have preserved their original aspect with traditionally looking gardens and courtyards. We suggest a stroll through Valea Viilor and to the surrounding heights wherefrom you may see the locals’ cultivated gardens and the former vineyards but especially a wonderful panoramic view of the entire commune.

Valea Viilor is the birthplace of composer Marţian Negrea (1893-1973) who has created numerous renowned musical compositions; amongst them the 4 movements symphonic suite Stories of Grui which speaks of the lives of people from Valea Viilor with their daily activities, customs and traditions. In November each year Valea Viilor organises a local festival which bears the composer’s name. 

Did you know...?

Asociaţia "Cele mai frumoase sate din România"In 2012 Valea Viilor was included in the Official Guide “Romania’s Most Beautiful Villages” published by the Association with the same name.

Marţian Negrea’s compositions were awarded the George Enescu prize (“Symphonic Phantasy” and “The 1st Rhapsody”) and the State Award (“Stories of Grui”, “The 2nd Rhapsody”, “Suite from the Apuseni Mountains”).

Altitudine: 320m.
Coordonate GPS: 46.08 N, 24.26 E

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