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The Sibiu Regional Ecomuseum

Museum - Eco-Museum


Sălişte, Gura Râului, Moşna, Valea Viilor, Biertan, Săsăuş, Fofeldea



str. Tribunei, nr. 6, Sibiu

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+4 0740 009 981
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The Sibiu Regional Ecomuseum is special because the world it displays is very special itself. The ecomuseum is located in situ and each settlement on its circuit is presented as a museum whose custodians and guides are the locals themselves.

The three circuits suggested by the Ecomuseum follow the rediscovery of the traditional rural universe:

  • The circuit of the Romanian villages from Mărginimea Sibiului offers an itinerary through Sălişte and Gura Râului; old orthodox churches, traditional homesteads and farms, craftsmen’s workshops, a very particular architecture and the quaint landscape outline the image of a traditional mountain settlement, pieces of a seemingly long-gone world… which is yet so alive!
  • The circuit of the Saxon villages from Târnave; scattered villages hidden beyond gentle hills, typical Saxon homesteads grouped around imposing fortified churches whose walls still hold all the life stories collected throughout the centuries. Biertan, Moşna and Valea Viilor are three Saxon settlements which can easily take their visitors to a world which seems to have come out of the stories of the 19th century Europe.
  • The endangered built heritage: Săsăuş and Fofeldea are two villages distinguished by their authentic architecture. Nevertheless, time has left some severe marks on the buildings which are growingly endangered. The Ecomuseum circuit tries to better promote this vernacular architecture.

For further details about your visits to homesteads and workshops of the ecomuseum, please contact the local tourist information centres.


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Did you know...?

The Ecomuseum concept emerged in Western Europe in the ‘70s due to the need to preserve the disappearing rural universe. At this moment there are 300 ecomuseums in the world and 200 of them are in Europe.

Altitudine: 429m.
Coordonate GPS: 45.78 N, 24.15 E

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