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Casa Moșului







Str. Gheţii, nr. 395, 557075

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Casa Mosului Guesthouse opened in 2008. It was built in a thousand year old village, full of stories about colorful characters.
The house is made out of wood and rock, decorated with authentic, old items, from the Fagaras Valley.

We are not a big hotel and our guests become our friends quickly. Mosu, well, he has, as you would expect, white hair. He is kind and attentive with all the people coming to his house.

We have five big and sunny rooms, with shiny floors and soft beds, ideal for lazy afternoons and silent nights. You reach them by climbing an original staircase made out of logs from the nearby woods. In the living room, near the fireplace, we have a big table, usually full of all the delicacies of the region, carefully cooked by aunt Mariana.

We expect you with a blooming garden, from spring to autumn, where, in the evening you can stay for one more glass of wine or even make your own barbecue. If you are not in the mood for drinking and dining, you can just listen to the crickets, hidden in the grass. In winter time our garden hosts, free of charge, as much snowmen you can build.

We want to be your home away from home that’s why we don’t have a fixed menu, like in a restaurant. Aunt Mariana, our wonderful chef, cooks the daily meals using only the freshest products she finds in Cartisoara and the neighboring villages. This way, eating in our house is a true culinary lesson about the rich Romanian cuisine. All the community is part of the meal preparation in our guesthouse. Ghita brings us each morning fresh milk. Rica the shepard sends us maturated cheese or fresh specialities from his sheepfold located in the incredible beautiful Balii Valley. His sheeps are eating only the finest grass mixed with the most delicate mountain flowers. The trout is taken from some creeks in the village. The herbs grow in the gardens nearby. All meat, whether chicken, veal, pork or mutton, found in our kitchen, is not similar with the one in the supermarkets. The fruits from our orchards become delicious jams, and our bees make the sweetest honey in the world. But don’t take our word for it, come and try for yourself.

Aunt Mariana is the queen of „sarmale”, a traditional food, consisting in rolls of cabage leaves stuffed with meat and rice. Some travelers would argue with that, saying that she is the queen of minced mutton dish. Come try her soups, meatballs, grilled trout or pork sausage. Don’t forget to ask for apple pie!

GPS coordinates
Lat:     45.724510947774256
Long:  24.570860354986586

Casa Mosului Guesthouse
Guesthouse of the year 2014 - Won -  Hotel Tourism&Leisure Investment Conference,Bucharest


Room type
Single 0
Double 4
Triple 1
Total rooms 5
Total places in rooms 11
Price rooms/night
Single 0
Double 165
Triple 225

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Region description:

In Cartisoara you are right in the middle of Romania, near Transfagarasan, “the most beautiful road in the world”, as Top Gear presenters named it. But our places don’t need a car to be explored. You can borrow bicycles or ride specially trained horses, even if you are not a seasoned cowboy. From Cartisoara you can go trekking on the mountain paths or explore the old villages around. We have great places for fishermen, but also a rich cultural heritage, waiting to be discovered. Once the first snow falls our slopes are ideal for skiing or snowboarding. And, please, don’t forget your sledge.

Transfagarasan Road is the highlight of the region. Its highest point is at over 2000 meters, an altitude where you find yourself between the clouds. The nature is great here and the road is one of the finest engineering works possible: serpentines through rocks, tunnels and viaducts. The final point for Transfagarasan is Balea Lake, often seen in summer time with a big rainbow over it.

Balea Lake it is also situated at over 2000 meters altitude. In winter it is reachable by the cable car from Balea Cascada Cabin. It is the most well known lake in the Fagaras Mountains and on its shores you can visit, in the cold season, an ice hotel. For those who seek adventure, even higher up there is another glacier lake: Capra. Its blue color is unforgettable. Lake Podagru is also scenic, with lots of trout swimming in its clear waters.

Balea Waterfall is 60 meters high. Up at its starting point it is just a water thread, becoming bigger and bigger as it cascades down. You can admire it from the cable car.

Carta Monastery is a time travel experience, back to 1202. A romantic ruin, with imperfect walls and an impressive tower tells the story of an old Cistercian Abbey. Near the Middle Age remains we have a more recent chapel where the evangelical community has its Sunday religious service.

The village museum “Badea Cartan”, in Cartisoara is the place where you can find out more about the village life in Transylvania, through the unique story of a famous peasant. You will see pictures, objects and hear stories about how people used to live in the 18th and 19th century.

Brancoveanu Monastery, Sambata de Sus is the place to enjoy the silence. Surrounded by pine forests, it is most famous for its holy fathers who lived here throughout the ages. One of them, Teophil, used to say: “This monastery is the heaven’s door.”

Brukental Palace in Avrig looks like a Viennese place. On summer you can enjoy the baroque gardens. A small river runs among the secular trees. The travelers can stop in the palace’s Orange House, now completely renovated, to dine in style or to drink a glass of cool lemonade. 



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Altitudine: 503m.
Coordonate GPS: 45.72 N, 24.57 E

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