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Winter customs, Mărginimea Sibiului

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The Group of Lads from Mărginimea Sibiului

If you are in Mărginimea Sibiului around the winter holidays, you will definitely have the chance to meet the Group of Lads on the village streets.

The Group of Lads is a custom present in almost all the villages from Mărginimea Sibiului, except for Poiana Sibiului. The groups are traditionally formed on St. Nicholas and they are organised differently in each village.

The Groups of Lads start their activity on Christmas Eve, by singing carols. First they sing carols at the house of the mayor, then they go to the priests and then to the rest of the locals.

On December 28th in Sălişte takes place “The Reunion of the Groups”. Lads and lasses from the entire county, dressed in carefully sewn traditional costumes prepared especially for this holiday get together at Sălişte to dance and sing traditional merry songs. It is a feast of joy, a true spectacle of the diverse popular costumes. For four weeks, the Groups of Lads joyfully spread the news of the Birth of Jesus Christ and of the beginning of a new year.

The Magi

The Magi (Craii or Irozii) are children interpreting a religious scene.

Their show has a very powerful meaning because it sends its message by a play and not by singing carols. Dressed in traditional costumes with helmets, swords and ribbons, the Magi interpret the scene of the Birth of Jesus at the church on the first Christmas Day. They bring joy and emotion to all those present through their very meaningful message.

The burial of the year, Jina

At midnight, the lads go to the centre of the commune and perform a complex ceremony to bury the year that passed, and then they salute the coming year with games, songs and fireworks. 

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