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Proiectul EUREGA

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Gastronomy, local and regional food heritage is a common European cultural heritage, including for Sibiu County Council, and also a major economic asset. Regional agro-food value chains can have a serious positive impact on local development, and could also generate cooperation between various sectors including agriculture, tourism, hospitality, education, etc. One way of materializing such cooperation is the growing trend of food-related tourism.

Nowadays almost half of the travellers wish to have culinary experiences during their travels.

Main objective EUREGA


EUREGA’s main objective is to have food, food habits and gastronomy included and recognized in EU, regional and national strategies and policies. These should be seen both as a cultural asset and a strong element in the regional cultural identity and as a necessary tool to boost sustainable products and services. This should lead to creating stronger and more resilient regions by protecting and stimulating gastronomy as part of their cultural heritage and also by identifying new opportunities for economic development.

Therefore, gastronomy and food, in general, are strategic elements for Sibiu County. It can be a real source of well-balanced socio-economic development since as a cultural value it is cross-related to lots of other areas including economy, rural development, tourism, health or education. It is a significant development factor also for the tourism sector.

We experience the growing role of gastronomy also in the choice of tourism destinations and as a motivation for travel. Gastronomy is essential for the rural areas in Sibiu County as a provider of food for the big cities. By sustaining the local producers located mainly in rural areas.

Gastronomy as part of the local culture as well as a promoter of local identity represents one of the immaterial heritages that create the unity and the personality of Sibiu County and that link its rural and urban segments. Through a solid county strategy, gastronomy will be a key stone for regional development, which will include in the national immaterial heritage, several regions’ specific recipes and dishes.

In light of the above the following areas will be improved in Sibiu County:

• Developing tourism by valorising the unique traditional gastronomy of the County

• Supporting traditional producers, enhancing rural development

• Improvement in the production – processing – transportation – storage – selling a chain of food and food-related products

• Certification of several dishes and recipes as national immaterial cultural heritage

More details about our EUREGA project – click here 


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